Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Art & Copy

There were two people that stood out to me most in the documentary, Art & Copy: Mary Wells, and Jeff Goodby.

Mary Wells talked about advertising being was a mix of theatrical drama and convincing consumers that they want the product that is being advertised.

Well's used her theatrical background to throw some flair and drama into convincing the consumers that what they wanted was to buy into whatever was being sold. Her work with Braniff Airlines is a good example. She made flying fun again with her campaign, "The end of the plain plane."

The other was Jeff Goodby. He talked about the artists having the freedom to run with the ideas that come out of their heads. Goodby's most known for the "Got Milk" campaign.

"People don't mind being sold to, if they know what you're doing, and they're enjoying the process," said Goodby.

It seems that many small businesses don't trust the creativity of the advertiser, choosing to take the safe route and sticking to traditional advertising. Someone needs to be saying, "that's not interesting," when they're talking about promoting a product or a service. When they don't, the business wastes it's time and money, and we get bad advertising.